Health and Safety Specialist

What is a Health and Safety File?

A Health and Safety File, otherwise known as a ‘Contractor Safety File’ is a record of information focusing on the management of health and safety on construction sites for contractors and sub-contractors. It protects the employer from criminal liability and proves compliance to the Occupational Health and Safety Act and Regulations.

Health and Safety Management Plan

• Company Occupational Health and Safety Policy What do we include in your Health and Safety File?
Every Health and Safety File is ‘site specific’. It will be compiled in accordance with the client’s and the site’s safety specifications. The overall information requirements remain the same, and the site specific documents will be added. When we setup your Health and Safety File, it will consist of the following Documents:

• Contractor appointment letter. (Construction Regulation 5(3)(f) of the OHS A)
• 37(2) Agreement between client and contractor
• Notification of Construction Work
• OHS Act
• Company Occupational
• Letter of Good Standing – need to apply
• Material Safety Data Sheets for hazardous materials used (if required)
• Tax clearance certificate – need to apply.
• Risk Assessments
• Safe work procedures (Site Specific)
• Legal appointment with proof of training (Ex. Chief Executive Officer, Risk Assessor, First Aider etc.)
• Incident reporting procedures
• Incident reports (General Administrative Regulation 9 (3) – Annexure 1)
• Incident registers
• Reports of accidents
• Emergency preparedness documents
• First aid documents
• Induction records
• Medical surveillance records
• Safety communication (E.g. Toolbox talks)
• Safety Plan
• Registers (task and site specific, e.g. confined space, PPE issue, hand tools etc.)
• Inspection registers
• Inspection report
• Fall Protection Plan
• Other