about us

Company Background

Proper Health is a Mobile Health care Company that is focused in providing Access to Quality Health Care.
It’s a Level 1 BBBEE Company that’s owned by a young black female person.

Proper Health is an Extension/Member of NS Occupational Health Care Services that was founded in 2009, which initially catered for OHS services. In response to the high demand and requests from clients the company now offers Full Medical Surveillance, we also offer 1stop shop for Occupational Health and Safety Solutions Package On-site thus, assisting the client in reducing absenteeism due to Medical Sicknesses and comply with the law.

Proper Health it's fully Compliant Labour,SARS and Registered on Central Supplier Database Department, Registered with HPCSA,NOSA,Sashoon and registered with QTCO,Acredited by Hwseta,Seta,and Teta


Highly Qualified Specialists (OMP, Psychologists, Radiologists, Nurses, Technicians)


We want to be the Health Care company that touches lives.


Provide access to Quality Health Care services particularly in rural and townships communities by bring the health facilities to their doorstep.


• Education
• Safety
• Health Promotion
• Diagnostics (Examination)
• Prevention & Protection
• Be the change you want to see

Value Proposition

• Compliance to legislation
• Reduce health care costs
• Increase productivity
• Reduce absenteeism
• Enhance employee morale
• Reduce medical claims
• Attract & retain high quality employees and create a positive return on investment
• Manage your employee wellness with our mobile health care services.