Cleaning Services

Proper Hygiene and Sanitation Services

Proper Hygiene and Sanitation Services offers contract cleaning services for small offices right through to prestigious Head Offices, multi-site buildings and other spaces. We are also happy to cater for simple one-time cleaning services, weekly cleanings or bi-monthly, monthly or annual contracts.

We Provide Cleaning and Facilities Management services in:

1) Governmental Institutions
2) Corporate Companies
3) Hospitality Institutions
4) Medical
5) Retail
6) Universities and Colleges
7) Cleaners Agency

cleaning services

*We offer Working on Height

With qualified staff in Safety, Working at Heights, we’ll send a professional cleaning team out at your earliest convenience.

• Using our very experienced teams allow us to offer a safe alternative to expensive fixed cradles or cherry pickers. It is a proven method of achieving a safe working position at height or in areas where access is difficult. Proper Hygiene and Sanitation Services have delivered an exemplary safety record through a commitment to training and operational procedures.
• Our approach to high level, exterior or interior cleaning is safe, cost effective and offers very little disruption or environmental impact.
• A full risk analysis will be produced to determine the necessary procedures to be undertaken and all operatives are made aware of this prior to commencement of any works.
• We have an outstanding Health and Safety record and we consider this our top priority. All workplace procedures are undertaken within strict health and safety procedures.

High Clean Windows
Industrial Cleaning

Industrial Cleaning

* Maintaining industrial premises, like a factory or a mine, entails a lot of work. The process involves countless considerations, and when coupled with large premises, makes for a difficult job. Whether you manage a large factory, office block or manufacturing plant, you need to make use of professional industrial cleaning services.
* Besides cleanliness, maintaining optimum levels of health and safety is crucial. In order to avoid putting your staff, operations and business as a whole at risk,
* It’s your responsibility to use industrial cleaning services that are rendered by experts

Corporate cleaning and Hygiene Services

Corporate cleaning and Hygiene Services

Whist your client service and product pricing is important to you as a commercial client, the aesthetics and cleanliness of your workspace and offices should be considered crucial as that’s where your clients and staff make important decisions. We offer permanent and short term cleaning solutions:

• Office Cleaners for Commercial & Industrial Businesses
• Industrial Site based Cleaners
• Malls, Shopping Centre & Casino Cleaners
• Tea Ladies & Janitors
• Washroom Solutions (Dispensers, Hand towels, Paper Rolls, Disinfectants, She Bins & Surface Sanitisers)
• Post-Covid Deep Cleaning Services focusing on the entire office space with a Certificate issued after completion.
• Carpet Cleaning for Offices